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Monday, April 3, 2017

Easy Baked Tuna Pie Recipe Love this

Love this !! Easy Baked Tuna Pie Recipe

In fooddaygt we have variety to cook as Casado typical food of Costa Rica, and today we will continue to learn how to cook any food.

We will learn today to cook and bake a tuna pie, it will be easy and simple and very delicious. We will make healthy food with few ingredients, Let's Begin with the Easy Baked Tuna Pie Recipe.

Ingredients, Easy Baked Tuna Pie Recipe (for 4 persons)

2 or 3 boiled eggs

3 Natural tuna boxes

1 Home-style fried tomato package

1 Pack of 16 wafers of your favorite brand

As you see, only these ingredients will be needed to prepare and to eat this rich meal, remember this is the Easy Baked Tuna Cake Recipe.

Preparation Baked Tuna Pie

First, cut the hard-boiled eggs into very small pieces and mixed with shredded tuna and tomato sauce. Then, put some of the mixture in the wafers so that they can be closed in two. Is Easy Baked Tuna Cake Recipe, let's continue.

When we have done the above, we press the edges well with the tip of a fork and then we will place the pie a tray inside the oven.

Bake for about 20 minutes at 150º and remove when golden brown. They are very rich made fresh but will be for the next day.

This is a simple but very rich recipe with which you can surprise your neighbors, family and friends, delicious, witty and quickly to prepare. Easy Baked Tuna Cake Recipe Is a low-cost and healthy recipe.

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