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Monday, April 10, 2017

Classic stuffed eggs recipe with mayonnaise

In this occasion we will learn this rich food which does not require greater investment, and is the classic stuffed eggs recipe with mayonnaise. We begin, and remember other delicius baked tuna pie.

Classic stuffed eggs recipe with mayonnaise

Ingredients (2-3 people)
5 eggs
3 cans of tuna in oil half onion
Fried tomato
1 bag of various lettuces
3 or 4 cooked prawns (to garnish)

The eggs are cooked and set and the eggs are allowed to cool. When they are cold we peel them, that is to say we remove the shell of them. In a fountain is put a large leaf of lettuce washed and dry, then, split the eggs in half, remove the yolks in a bowl apart.

Place the egg halves carefully on top of the lettuce leaf. In a separate bowl we put the tuna cans, half the yolks, half a pot of fried tomatoes and the onion that we chopped into small pieces and which we have fried in a frying pan. And this is how we are ending our Classic stuffed eggs recipe with mayonnaise

Later, we mix everything well, that the yolks are well crushed and with this we have the filling prepared. With a soup spoon we began to fill the halves of the eggs, so generously. When we have all the stuffed eggs we return to grab the soup spoon and we are placing spoons of mayonnaise on each egg.  When we have all the eggs covered in mayonnaise we take the other half of yolks that we have reserved and carefully scratch them, we throw it over all the eggs, and the dish is ready to serve.

Until next time, to continue cooking and experimenting with Classic stuffed eggs recipe with mayonnaise, that’s how we learn and have fun in the kitchen, and remember that you put your personal touch on the recipe, you are the secret ingredient.

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